Tool for generating traffic
Forum Toplist is a new service brought to you by Admin Junkies. It's a traditional toplist website where you can add your website/forum and get it ranked among other websites and forums.

How does Forum Toplist work?: 
When visitors click a button on your website, they are sent to Forum Toplist and a vote is counted for that member, the list is ordered by websites/forums who have sent the most votes. Essentially this is a big traffic exchange. The more traffic you send to Forum Toplist through the button or link on your forum, the more traffic Forum Toplist sends out to your website/forum in return by other forums and websites that we have listed.

Not only is Forum Toplist a fantastic tool for generating traffic in and out of your website, it's also a great way to network with webmasters in your niche!

We are fully mobile phone friendly! We are still working on plugins, styling, etc. But for now Forum Toplist is operational and ready for you to submit your forum/website on.  So I encourage everyone to give it a try!
Button / Backlink:
Make sure you add the Forum Toplist button or link to your website, preferably all pages. You can find the code in your User Control Panel
Please note: it's required to have this on your site or forum, any submissions without the button or backlink will be removed.
If you have any questions, suggestions or need to reach us, you can either PM us on Admin Junkies.
This page was last edited on: 27/04/2024.